June 20, 2024

2 thoughts on “Lugari race: Liseche ahead of Nabii in latest poll by WKT

  1. Good job ~ Western Kenya Times ~ Team.
    Information is power.
    Fair and credible opinion polls~ give trajections and remain critical to candidates & supporters. We encourage to see parameters based at; in polling/ collecting the views.

    We also wish you expand the polling to capture other candidates interested in vying for the Lugari parliamentary seat as well as the strength of political parties of choice in Lugari. Some candidates could be vying as independent.
    Dennis Wendo
    Email: dambehi@gmail.com
    +254 712 697827
    + 254 733 793611

  2. The opinion poll was not free and fair,any time Nabii beat liseche the system was lost for sometime then reset to put the latter ahead of Nabii.I totally disagree with what this writer is calling opinion poll

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