4 thoughts on “Christmas comes early for widows in Trans Nzoia

  1. Thanks so much Mike Musungu for always ensuring the news of the widows, orphans, Aged, PWDs and Poor people in the society is heard. Let’s keep speaking for the voiceless. Be blessed

  2. The less fortunate members of our society need our help. Let’s pull whatever little resources we have to help. Widows,widowers, orphans Aged PWDs and Poor need our help. With this harsh economic times they are suffering. May God help us

  3. It was a great moment in matisi,we have to touch lives and make sure the neighbour celebrates too.merry Christmas’s.i appeal to more wellwishers to join Melisa organization and donate more

  4. It’s joyous moment to put a smile in someone’s face. James 1:27 will only be fulfilled if we hold widows and orphans hands in their trouble. MELISA Organization will see into it that the less fortunate members of our communities are taken care of. We call upon Well wishers to give us a helping hand. Our Paybill number is 4069749
    Account The senders name. Thanks so much and God bless you as you plan to give. Let’s Touch lives together.

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