7 thoughts on “So far, how satisfied are you with Nabii Nabwera as Lugari MP?

  1. As much as our Mp is doing well in the education sector, kindly let him remember the poor road network in Lugari. By opening up the constituency, most farmers who are producers will access market for their products and hence be empowered economically.
    2. Establosh milk coolers for small scale dairy farmers in the constituency. This will help resolve the pricing issue and also perishability of the product. Otherwise we are on the right track

  2. Hon Nabii Nabwera should prioritize to work on enhancing security as matter of concern by ensuring police patrol bases and stations are well staffed and equipped. He can also do it better if he reach out to the members of the public, local administration and
    the police and try to build trust among these parties. Hon Nabii should also be swift in responding to public outcry incase there’s a rogue police officer in Lugari.
    Hon Nabii should consider to work on upgrading infrastructure to enable accessibility even during the wet seasons.

  3. Mhesh is very competent…

    He should besides education he should work on road network Tunataka black belt from Turbo to Makutano n beyond.

    All the best…

  4. Mh Nabii is doing very well,his focus is all round.But those surrounding him should Not be pretenders, they should try their best to make him succeed.Otherwise all is good

  5. Ingawa ni mapema kiasi , lakini wachana na mambo ya pombe. Tatizo kubwa sana ,vijana wengi watafutiwe kitu Cha kufanya vijana wengi wamesoma hakuna kazi masomo hiyo iko. Angalia Barbara pia sio mzuri.

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